Qualcuno non mi fa dormire ecco perchè mi perdo in rete a cercare qualcosa di cool e trovo questo

Let's Get Thrifty

DIY galaxy print before and after

The other night my hubs took us to see Kimbra, my music and fashion ICON. I had to be dressed to the nines if I was going to be in the same room as her. So that’s where this galaxy print blouse comes into play.

I’m not going to even try and pretend that I came up with this, especially with how many great tutorials are out there. This one is my favorite, and I pretty much copied this technique:

Just like the crafty mastermind in the video, I chose a dark purple article of clothing. This will bleach to a really pretty pink , as opposed to black which bleaches into orange (like my hair when I try to bleach it by myself). Here’s what you’ll need:

Ok so I’m a huge dummy and accidentally used cleaner with bleach instead of actual bleach. As you can see, it didn’t…

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